What I know now

Yes, I’m one of those “one word” types who likes to spend days before New Year’s pondering what my word will be for the next year. But before I get to that point I usually like to evaluate how the current year went and how I experienced my word throughout the events that took place. […]

Best Present Ever

A couple weeks ago my coworkers and I were out to lunch talking about our favorite Christmas experiences growing up. Naturally the subject of Santa came up and we shared our favorite stories about “him”. My friends laughed when I told them I believed until I was probably about 13. “Whoa that’s so old!” one […]

Grace unwrapped

  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein By the definition above, May 2016 – May 2017 was a pretty insane year for me. It was a cycle of try-rejection/failure-try again-rejection/failure again… and again… and again… and again… I flatlined in my field after eight years of […]

What will you choose this Advent season?

Sometimes I wonder if I was born at the right time – wouldn’t I have been better off in the 1940s when Glenn Miller, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald were huge? Who wouldn’t want to be alive when Gone with the Wind was a hit, and when red lips and perfectly groomed brows were […]

All things new

New season, new schedule, new hopes, new routine, New stuff, new ideas, new friends and new dreams. New tasks, new skills, new expectations, New failures, new lessons, and new inspirations. It has been an eventful month and a half since I last posted: the beach, starting my new job, more photo shoots… But if I’m honest, […]

DEAR Time!

In fourth grade we had “DEAR Time” which stood for “Drop everything and read”. It was probably a way to get us calmed down and refocused for the rest of the afternoon lessons (Bless teachers – I can’t imagine getting a bunch of nine year olds back on track after an intense game of kickball!). […]

Olivia’s Colorful Birthday

After we found out a family tragedy occurred late last week there was no second thought about dropping everything and driving up to Indiana. We scrambled to figure logistics out and as He always faithfully does, God provided everything we needed so we could make the trip. It was a weekend full of bold emotion, […]

Best Gift Ever

My heart is still overflowing with gratitude from the outpouring of love from my husband and friends who celebrated my 32nd birthday with me. I’m even overwhelmed by every sweet little detail that worked out (like the rain holding off for our patio party or having my favorite – ice cream cake!), and simply having […]

Girl Dad

I’ve always thought my dad would make a great boy dad. He was athletic, disciplined, responsible, hard-working, and clearly the leader of our family. But he was also a fantastic chef and his “kalandrakas” soup is famous within our family and family friends – a treat EVERYONE looks forward to at Christmastime. He was very […]